API Security

In Release 6.2.3, a new Privilege "Use API Toolkit" is available.

With this Privilege, a Power User:

  1. Can test and use a Toolkit that was created by an Admin  by selecting from a drop-down list of available Toolkits
  2. CANNOT create a new Toolkit  
  3. Can see a new "API Toolkits" entry on the Power User's Admin menu

A Power User must have Edit Access to the object to which an API Toolkit is applied;  e.g., without access to the chosen Burst, the Power User receives a 'Forbidden' message.  The Security Model controls actual application.

1. Add Privilege

Group Editor > Info tab > Add Privilege

User Editor > Info tab (Admin only) > Add Privilege

This Privilege can be added to a Group or to an individual User on the Info tab of the Editor:

  1. [+ Privilege To Group/User]
  2. Optionally, query by API
  3. Select "Use API Toolkit"
  4. [Save]

Details about the Privilege include:

NAME: "Use API Toolkit"

DESCRIPTION: "Allows a Power User to access the API Toolkit to execute test requests against an API created by an Admin"

HIERARCHY: Standalone (not a Parent or Child)

GROUPING: Power User Content Security

EDIT Privilege'd Use in an Instance:  Yes since not a Parent

USER TYPE that can have the Privilege:  Power Users ONLY