Event Calendar Security, Release 6.2.3 and beyond


In 6.2.3, our approach for Event Calendar Security is now in line with other  objects.  Initial implementation did not include any Privileges except the default ability for a PU to create Event Calendars and manage those that the user created. There was no ability to grant or receive access to the Calendar's Editor. There was an ability to receive Permission to add/edit Events to a Calendar. "Edit Access" was  achieved ONLY by an Admins or Power Users with Edit Access as the designated Event Owner.

Revised Process

Power Users (PUs) continue to have an implied Privilege to create an Event Calendar and grant access to Groups to which the PU belongs or that the PU created or to individual users who are members of these Groups.  There is an Extended Security Privilege, "Allow Power Users to grant Event Calendar access to any User or Group", that allows a PU to grant access to any Group or User.  This can be assigned via the Group or User Editor.

Group and User Editors > Power User tab have grids showing Event Calendars to which Permission has been granted.  Permmissions are as follows:

  • Edit Access may only be granted to Groups and Power Users and allows use of the Event Calendar's Editor.  
  • "Use" Access can be granted to a Group as well as both Regular and Power Users and only applies to Event Calendars sourced manually.  It allows the User with Permissions to manage the Calendar's Events from an associated element's Viewer.  Users will not be able to access the Calendar's Editor but can associate the Calendar with a Metric to which the User has Edit Access to the Metric's Editor.

For Regular Users only, Event Calendar grids are displayed on the "Other Access" tab.  Event Calendar Editors have a Permissions button to grant Edit or "Use" Access (ability to manage the Calendar's Events).  There is no menu entry for Event Calendars.

Events associated with an Event Calendar have rules based on their source:

  • Only Calendars with manually sourced Events allow Regular or Power Users to add and maintain Events on any associated Metric's Viewer.  
  • For Externally sourced Events, Power Users have NO ability to and or maintain Events from any associated Metric Viewer. Power Users with Edit Access to a Calendar can access its Editor, grant Permissions and associate Metrics to which the user has access with the Calendar. Regular Users have no access to these Events.


1. Extended Security Privilege

Path:  User and Group Editors > Info Tab > Add Privilege button

  1. Optionally, filter by "Event Calendar"
  2. Optionally, select "Power User Content Security"
  3. Select the Extended Security Privilege[


1.1. Privilege Details

NAME: "Allow Power Users to grant Event Calendar access to any User or Group"

DESCRIPTION: "Expand Power User's authority to allow granting Event Calendar access to any User or Group"

HIERARCHY: Standalone

GROUPING:Power User Content Security

CAN BE INCLUDED/EXCLUCED IN INSTANCE:  Yes, by Admin on the System Variable page.



  • Without this Privilege:  Any Power User can create an Event Calendar and grant Permissions to Groups to which the PU belongs or has Edit Access and to individual members of these Groups.
  • With this Privilege:  All Users and Groups displayed to a PU in Add Permissions popups on User, Group and Event Calendar Editors