Feedback Prompt Security

In Release 6.3.2, a Privilege for Power Users (PUs) only has been added:

  • Basic:  Create Feedback Prompts

With this Privilege, a PU can create the text that is displayed to a user in hopes of eliciting comments about the usefulness and design of an object within Metric Insights.The Privilege can be added via a Group or User Editor (Admins only) or Group Editor (Admins or PU with Edit Access to the Group).

1. Grant Privileges

  1. Optionally, filter by "Feedback Prompt"
  2. Optionally, select Grouping "Power User Content Security"
  3. Select "Create Feedback Prompts"

1.1. Basic Privilege Details

NAME: Create Feedback Prompts

DESCRIPTION: Add and manage Prompts to encourage feedback from users

HIERARCHY: Parent of FUTURE related Extended Security Privilege

GROUPING: Power User Content Security



  • Provides a Prompts link to a Prompt List Page in Admins and PUs Content Menu
  • Displays a standard List Page of Prompts
    • Shows all Prompts to Admins with Active Name links to their Editors
    • Only includes rows for Prompts to which the PU has Edit Access and Include Active Name links to the Editor of those Prompts