Target Security

An Administrator may grant a Power User permission to modify one or more Targets.  This can be accomplished through inheritance from a Group to which the Power User is assigned or directly on the User Editor, as described in this article.

Once a Power User has this permission for at least one Target, the following capabilities are automatically granted:

  • Access the Target View of any Metric for which view permission has been granted or that was created by this Power User. (In Release 5.5.0, the Privilege to access the Target View was removed and is no longer required)
  • Create a new Target
  • Access the Target Editor of those Targets for which they have Modify permission or that were created by this Power User.  On the Target Editor, thIs Power User can change the settings, associate a Metric, add/upload Target data or delete the Target.
  • Associate a Metric with a Target if the Power User is an Owner of a Metric or created it.

1. Access Admin > Users > Add new User

Access the User Editor

Confirm that this account is for a Power User

NOTE: In this example, a newly added Power User has:

  1. No Privileges or Permissions have been directly assigned to this person
  2. Been removed from the Default group and not assigned to any other Group so here are no inherited Privileges or Permissions

2. Add a Target for a User to modify

Add a Target for a User to modify
  1. Open the Power Users tab
  2. Click [+ Target for User to modify]
  3. The Add Target for User to Modify pop-op opens
  4. Select a Name of the Target from the drop-down list
  5. Click Save

3. Check the Targets User Can Modify Grids

Check the Targets User Can Modify Grids

4. Check the Assigned Privileges Grid

In Release 5.5.0, the Privilege 'Access Target View' was removed and is no longer required.

Check the Assigned Privileges Grid
  1. Open the User Information tab
  2. Notice that, without any action being taken by the Administrator, the 'Access Target View' Privilege has been automatically granted to the User by virtue of the fact that Edit Access has been granted to at least one Target