Acquire Access to Compound Dimensions from Components

Compound Dimensions are built using two existing Dimensions.  One is designated as the Primary Dimension and the other as the Secondary Dimension.  This feature is designed to provide two methods of granting access to the Compound Dimension:

  1. Assign access to the new Compound Dimension based on "All" or "Selected Dimension Values"
  2. Inherit access based upon Permissions already granted to the User at the individual component Dimension level; i.e., any User that has access to one or more of both Primary AND Secondary Dimension Value(s), is automatically granted access to the same combination of Dimension Values in the Compound Dimension

In the example below, the User's access is limited to two Dimension Values for both the Primary and the Secondary Dimension and can view Metric Charts ONLY for the two combination Compound Dimension Values.

1. Review Compound Dimension Settings

Review Compound Dimension Settings
  1. Compound Dimension includes 'Sales Channel' and 'Country'
  2. Access to compound Dimensions can be assigned through the component Dimensions

2. Review User Permissions

Review User Permissions

In the example above, user has access to:

  1. Dimensions:  "Country" and "Sales Channel"
  2. Dimension Values:
  • Two Country Dimension Values:  "Australia" and "Canada"
  • Two Sales Channel Dimension Values:  "corporate sales" and "email marketing"

3.     Compound Dimension  Values (inherited)

  • Corporate Sales for Australia and for Canada
  • Email Marketing for Australia and for Canada

3. Review User's Metric Chart Access

Review User's Metric Chart Access
  1. Only two Primary Dimension Values are listed in the leftmost button's drop-down list
  2. Only two Secondary Dimension Values are listed in the rightmost most button's drop-down list