Base Access to Parent Child Dimension on Parent Permissions

Parent/Child Dimensions are built by creating a hierarchical relationship between two existing Dimensions. One is designated as the Parent Dimension and the other as the Child Dimension.  The Parent is chosen on the Child's Dimension Editor. This feature is designed to provide three methods of granting access to the Child Dimension Values from the Group or User Editors and Set Permissions pop-up:

  • All
  • Selected Dimension Values
  • Inherited from Parent

If you select Inherited from Parent, individual Child Dimension Values cannot be assigned.

In the example below, the User's access is limited to those Child Dimension Values that have the one of the two Parent Dimension Values to which the user has been granted access. The user can view Metric Charts ONLY for those with Child Dimension Values that have the Parents that the User has permission to view.

NOTE: The format of the Dimension Editor may be slightly different in each version.

1. Review settings in the Child Dimension Editor

  1. Child Dimension 'Hospital Ward' set to have a Parent Dimension of 'Hospital'
  2. A Parent Dimension Value is associated with each Child Dimension Value
  3. Entered Child Dimension Values appear in grid

2. Verify/Grant User Permission to Parent Dimension and its Values

Make sure that the User has access to a Parent Dimension and to  'All' or 'Specific' Dimension Values.

In this example, a User is assigned access to two Parent Dimension Values: 'St. Andrews Hospital' and 'St. Francis Hospital'

3. Provide User Permission to Child Dimension

  1. Click [+ Dimension access to User]
  2. The Add Dimension Access to User pop-up opens
  3. Choose the Child Dimension from the drop-down list; e.g., 'Hospital Ward'
  4. In Scope of Access, select 'Inherited from Parent'
  5. Save

3.1. Review Child Privileges Automatically Granted

  1. Notice that access to Wards from both 'St. Andrews Hospital' and 'St. Francis Hospital' are automatically shown in the Grid
  2. Click Source to see how the Dimension Value was assigned to a User

4. Review User's Metric Chart Access

Review User's Metric Chart Access
  1. Only two Parent Dimensions are listed in the leftmost drop-down list
  2. Only the corresponding Child Dimension Values are listed in the rightmost drop-down list