CSV/Excel Download Security and Restrictions

This feature, introduced in Release 5.5, is designed to prevent the downloading of CSV and Excel data  even if the User has View or Edit Access to the actual data in an element or dataset.  To support this requirement, there are two new controls:

  • Config Variable:"Disable CSV & Excel Data Downloads (Y/N" (default 'N')
    • When set to "N", system functions exactly as it does today
    • When this config setting is set to 'Y', ability to download CSV or Excel from viewers or receive CSV/Excel in attachments for emails (or push these out to FTP/Share File via a Burst) is turned off for ALL users except for those who have the new:
  • Privilege:  "Download CSV and Excel Data" that may be assigned to any Group or Regular or Power User

When the new Config Variable is set to 'Y' and a user does not have the "Download CSV and Excel Data" Privilege, the distribution engine is designed to:

  1. Not include an attachment of any CSV or Excel files to emails sent to the user
  2. Not push Excel or CSV file to a filesystem or FTP for Bursts created by the user
  3. Note the fact that requested attachment was not included in Distribution log for the user so that this information is accessible for troubleshooting


  • The restrictions noted above do not apply to Administrators  
  • The existing Privilege "Create content using CSV Files" is unrelated to this new Privilege.

1. New Configuration Variable

When this Variable is set to:

  • "N", there are no restrictions on downloading to CSV or Excel for Regular or Power Users
  • "Y", only Regular or Power Users with the new "Download CSV and Excel Data" Privilege have the option to download data/content to CSV or Excel from element or dataset Viewers and be able to receive downloaded files with a Burst and via a filesystem or FTP process

New Privilege

This Privilege may be assigned to any Regular or Power User via the and to any Group from the Info tab of the related User or Group Editor.  

With this Privilege, the individual user or Group member may:

A.  Download for CSV or  Excel from the following Viewers:

  1. Dataset
  2. Metric
  3. Multi-Metric
  4. Legacy Report
  5. Dataset Report

B.  Receive the downloaded file with Bursts or Collaborative emails/Digests that contain its related element or Dataset