Favorites Security (6.2.1 and beyond)

In Release 6.2.1, the Create Favorites Privileges was expanded to include functionality from existing Privileges: Manage Favorites and Rename Favorites Folders.  At present, there is only one Favorites Privilege, "Create Favorites".  With this Privilege, a Regular or Power user may:

  • Create new Favorites
  • Rename the default "My Favorites" folder provided automatically to all new users
  • Manage the tile content of any of the user's Favorites folders
  • Set options for any Favorite using the Edit icon
  • Delete any Favorites except the default "My Favorites"

The obsolete Privileges:  Manage Favorites and Rename Favorites Folders have been removed from Metric insights.  During Migration:

  • Any existing Users and Groups that had either of these  Privileges will be granted "Create Favorites".  
  • Existing All Access Groups receive "Create Favorites" automatically.

Users without this Privilege may not rename the Default "My Favorites" folder nor create new Favorites.  They can add tiles to this folder at any time.

IMPORTANT:  Favorites are for the personal use of the owner only.  They may not be shared with others.  The Folders functionality is for sharing content.  See  Understanding Folders for more information.  Upon Migration, any user or Group with the obsolete "Share Favorites" Privilege will be granted the "Create Folders" Privilege.

Grant Create Folders User or Group Editor > Info tab > Privileges section

  1. [+ Privilege to User or Group]
  2. After filtering by "Create Favorites", activate the checkbox[
  3. [Save]

Only an Admin may grant this Privilege to a User but either an Admin or a Power User with Edit Access to the Group may grant it to a Group.

Privilege:  Create Favorites

  1. DESCRIPTION:  "Add new Favorites, maintain settings/content and rename the Favorites folder"
  2. HIERARCHY: Standalone
  3. GROUPING: Personal Settings
  4. USER TYPE: Regular or Power User
  5. LOGIC:
    1. Allow this Privilege to be granted on either the User or the Group editor
    2. Granted automatically to each new All Access Group