View Access Request Security (6.2.1 and beyond)

The User Access Requests list page shows all pending elements to which individual Users have requested Permission to Access.  This page is visible to all Admins and Power Users.  In 6.2.1, Security has been added to this feature.  Power Users may grant access only if he/she has Edit Access to the element.

The path to reach this list page varies :

  • Admins:  Admin > Users & Groups > Requests tab
  • Power Users:   Admin > User Access Requests entry

User Access Requests


Admins can approve any request.  Power Users can only grant View Access to elements to which they already have Edit Access.

If a Power User accesses this list page, the Legend indicates those elements to which the User does not have Edit Access.

  1. Click the checkmark to open the approval popup
  2. Grant View Access by selecting  one of the two or three options presented:
    1. Share tile <Dimension Value> | <element Name>:  The selected user:
      1. Sees tile itself  accessed from its Category  that is displayed on the user's Home Page
      2. Has the Dimension's entry on their User Editor with the selected Dimension Value in the subsequent grid
      3. Receives Permission to this Dimension Value for any  element dimensioned by the element's Dimension
      4. Category is not shown on Elements tab in the User Editor
    2. Share element <element name>:  The selected User:
      1. Sees all tiles for the element; i.e., all Dimension Values
      2. Receives Dimension and all Dimension Value access to any other elements using this Dimension
      3. Dimension/Values appear on the User's Editor > Dimensions tab
    3. Share category <category name>:  The selected User:
      1. Can View all elements in the Category  
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