Visualization Access Security (Version 6.1.2 and beyond)

External Reports, Dataset Reports with embedded External Reports and Other External Content Reports contain viewer links that, prior to Release 6.1.2, allow a user to click through to the BI tool that serves as the Data Source.  Beginning in 6.1.2, Regular and Power Users will only see these links if they have the new Privilege "Click thru to External Visualization via link".  

Grant Visualization Privilege:  User/Group Editor > Info tab > Privileges section

  1. [+ Privilege to User or Group]
  2. After filtering by "Visual", activate the checkbox[
  3. [Save]

Only an Admin may grant this Privilege to a User but either an Admin or a Power User with Edit Access to the Group may grant it to a Group.

  1. DESCRIPTION:  "Allows a user, with at least View Access to External Reports and External Content, to click through to the associated external tool or webpage via a link."
  2. HIERARCHY: Standalone
  3. GROUPING: Collaboration
  4. USER TYPE: Regular or Power User
  5. LOGIC:
    1. Grant this Privilege automatically to new All Access Groups
    2. Provide Migration tool that automatically adds this Privilege to all existing All Access Groups when a customer upgrades to the release in which this Privilege is delivered
    3. With the Privilege, display a link to an External Visualization on the Viewer
    4. Without this Privilege, hide the link

Links located below the Report's display:

  1. From an External Report Viewer
  2. From an Dataset Report with Embedded Visualization
  3. From   an Other External Content Report