Category Privileges: Release 6.2.1 and beyond

Privileges related to Categories can be granted to a Group or User on these Editors > Info Tab.  Every Power User has an implied Privilege of "Create a new Category".

In addition, the following Privileges are available for assignment to Power Users:

  1. Allow Power Users to grant Category access to any User or Group
  2. Assign Category with View Access to Elements/Datasets
  3. Sort Category List. (new in Release 6.1.2)

All of the above Privileges are standalone and can be granted one by one or all at once.

Permissions to a specific Categories are granted on the Group or User Editors > Elements tab or using the Category Editor > Permissions button. See the related Checklist article for more information.

In 6.2.2, a new System Variable is provided (DISPLAY_CATEGORY_SORT_AZ_BUTTON) is provided for use by customers that want to protect the sorting that one user has completed from being "undone" by another person using the Sort A-Z button on the Categories List Page.


As of Rel 6.2.3, the constraint that a Power User requires Category Access to edit an element or Datasets/User Map has been removed.  All Users can view elements/datasets without access to the object's Category as long as they have View Access to the object.  There is no Category Privilege related to this change.

1. Grant Privileges:  Group/User Editors > Info Tab

  1. Click [+Privilege to User (or Group)]
  2. Search on "Category"
  3. Select any of the listed Privileges
  4. [Save]

2. Associated Configuration Variable:  Admin > System > System Variables to control the ability to sort/not sort the Category List page grid

  1. Set the DISPLAY_CATEGORY_SORT_AZ_BUTTON Variable i to "Y"
  2. On the Content > Categories list page, the [Sort A-Z] button is visible
  3. Change the Variable setting to "N" by clicking on the Variable's Edit icon
  4. The [Sort A=Z] button is not displayed on the Categories list page.

This feature protects the work of an Admin or PU who has applied a custom sort to the Category List Page.