External Report Type Security

In Rel 6.2.3, there is a new Privilege to give a Power User the ability to create their own External Content Types without help from an Admin.

  1. NAME:  "Create External Report Type"
  2. DESCRIPTION:  "Allows a Power User to add a new External Report Type."
  3. HIERARCHY:  Standalone; i.e., does not have a parent or a child Privilege
  4. GROUPING:  Power User Create Content Security
    1. Include = Yes
    2. PU can Assign = No
  6. ELIGIBILITY:  Grant to Groups and Power Users only

There are no individual External Report Type Permissions.  Admins may update or delete any Type.  Power Users may only access editors belonging to Types that they created and can only delete their own Types.

Type of External report was intended to be used to create a dropdown list of settings that are usually common for customer or a specific plugin so as to not not overload External Report editor.  There are no constraints as to the text used to "name" the Type.   Upon adding new plugin,  usually a default report Type for that plugin with recommended settings.

1. Privileges > (Group/User) Editor > Info tab > Add Privilege to Group/User

  1. Filter by "type"
  2. Select "Create External Report Type"
  3. [Save]

On the External Report Type list page,  a trashcan delete icon on the row only if the Power User accessing the page created the Type on the row; i.e., Power Users may only delete External Report Types that the user created.

A Power User only sees an active name link on External Report Type list page if this user created the object.

An Admin to delete any entry on the list page