Granting Power User Ability to Use Identity Profile

In Metric Insights, Power Users have to be granted a specific Permission to be able to use an Identity Profile. This article describes the steps an Administrator should take to give the Power User Use access to an Identity Profile.

Granting Use Access

Only an Administrator can grant Power Users Permissions to Use an Identity Profile when creating a Plugin Data Source with Auth Type. It is used to present credentials to a BI Tool. A Power User may only use a Profile to which the User has Use Access, but cannot open its Editor.

There are no Privileges associated with this Identity Profile feature. Regular Users can't receive access to Identity Profile since this type of User cannot create a Plugin Data Source. See Overview of Identity Profiles for more information on Identify Profiles.

A Power User can get Use Access to the Identity Profile individually or inherit it from the Group he/she is a member of. For more details about granting Access to the Group, check the Assigning Privileges and Permissions to the Group article.

Assign Permission from Identity Profile Editor

Access Admin > System > Identity Profiles and click the necessary Profile Active Name Link to open the Editor

  1. [Permissions]
  2. [+Power User Access To Identity Profile]
  3. User: Select the Power User to whom access is granted
  4. [Save]
  5. [Close]
Assign Permission from User Editor

Access Admin > Users & Groups and click on the PU's Active Name link to open the User Editor

  1. Go to the Power Users tab
  2. [+Identity Profile Access To User]
  3. Identity Profile: Select the Profile from the dropdown menu
  4. [Save]