Glossary Sections and Terms Security

In 6.3.3., new objects "Glossary Sections" and "Terms" are included in Metric Insights.  These allow a customer to define data and objects with MI using terminology that applies directly to the way that the organization uses the system.  All entries are defined by  customer Admins as well as  those Power Users who are granted either or both of the  Privileges that have been added  to the Power User Content Security grouping:

  1. Basic: "Create Glossary Section and Terms"
  2. DESCRIPTION:  "Allows Power Users to access the Glossary list page and create/manage Glossary Sections and related Terms when the user has created or been granted Edit Access to the Section"

HIERARCHY: Parent of "Allow Power Users to grant Glossary Section and Term access to any User or Group"

  1. Cannot be excluded from Instance:

Power Users with this Privilege can:

  • See a Glossary entry in the Content Menu
  • Grant Permission to access the Glossary Section and related Terms to any Group to which the User belongs or has Edit Access as well as to any individual Members of these Groups

2.  Extended Security: "Allow Power Users to grant Glossary Section or related Term access to any User or Group"

DESCRIPTION: "Expand Power User's authority to allow grantingGlossary Section or related Term access to any User or Group"

HIERARCHY: Child of "Create Glossary Section and Termins"; can. only be added if "Create Glossary Section and Terms" is selected.  If it is selected by a user without the parent, the system automatically selects "Create Glossary Sections and Terms.

Can be excluded from an Instance

Power Users with this Privilege can:

  • Grant Permission to any User or Group via the Add Permissions popups on User, Group, and Glossary Section Editors

Regular Users have no ability to create or edit Glossary Sections or  Terms

1. Assign Privileges to Group, Individual User or Privilege Set

Admins and Power Users with Edit Access to Group:   Group Editor > Info Tab

Admins:  User Editor > Info Tab

Admins and Power Users  with Edit Access to Privilege Set:  Privilege Set Editor > Info tab

  1. [+ Privilege to Group/User/Privilege Set]
  2. Optionally, filter by "Glossary"
  3. Optionally, select "Power User Create Content Security" Grouping
  4. Select one or more of the Privileges
  5. [Save]