FTP Connections Security

The Security Model is configured to allow FTP Connections Privilege to be granted to Power Users.  Without this Privilege, Power User with Create Burst Privilege  will not be able to use a FTP Connection to store a Burst's output to a server.

With this Privilege,  a PU can optionally send a Burst to a FTP server.

1. Admin: Grant FTP Connections Privilege to a Power User:  Admin > Groups & Users > Users tab > Name link > User Editor > Info tab > + Privilege to User

  1. [+ Privilege to User]
  2. Select "Create FTP Connections"


1.1. Without Privilege:  Burst Editor > Content tab

Without this Privilege,  FTP check box on the Burst Editor is blurred and has hover text that prompts the User to contact an Admin to request this Privilege.

1.2. With Privilege

Once the PU has the "Create FTP Connection", Privilege, the Power User must create a Connection in order to store the contents of a Burst on the associated server.  The PU may create more than one Connection.  This is only used as a destination to store the contents of a Burst.

1.2.1. Create FTP Connection:  Admin > FTP Connections > List Page > + FTP Connection

  1. Define the server credentials


1.2.2. Use Connection for a Burst: Burst Editor > Content tab

  1. Select "FTP"
  2. Choose the FTP Connector to be used