[Power User] Creating FTP Connections Privilege (version 5.2.1 and later)

Starting Release Version 5.2.1, the Security Model is configured to require FTP Connections Privilege to be granted to Power Users. This means that if a Power User has no privileges, they will not be able to access FTP Connections. The FTP Privilege allows users to include notifications files stored on the FTP server. Without the privilege to use FTP, the FTP check box will be blurred, and the hover text will prompt the User to contact Admin for a Connections Privilege.

As Admin, grant FTP Connections Privilege to a Power User as follows:

1. Log in, using your admin account

2. Click the Admin dropdown menu to open User List

3. Search for Power User by first name

5. Open User Editor

6. Scroll down to Privileges and Click [+Privilege to User]

7. Search for FTP, check 'Create FTP Connections' and click 'Save'

In order to find this option, you can browse through the available privileges

OR simply type 'Create FTP Connections' in the Search bar as shown below