Create/Maintain Group Security and Assign Privileges

Privileges, as well as Permissions, assigned to a Group,  are inherited by all Group members.

  • Privileges govern whether or not a user can use certain features and/or and set selected personal Preferences.  These may be granted only from the Group Editor.
  • Permissions are used to grant access to specific objects and data. These may be granted from either the Group Editor or the selected object's Editor.

The "Default Group" is the only Group that is created automatically when Metric Insights is first installed.  Optionally, new Users can, by default,  be assigned to this Group when their account is created unless no Group or another Group is selected. The Default Group's Permissions represent an organization's baseline access level that is provided to its members.

There is also a special type of Group called an "All Access Group" that provides its members with View Access to all elements and Dimensions in Metric Insights.   This option is set when creating or maintaining a Group.  

A User may be created without being assigned to a Group, or can be added to one or more Groups.  When assigned to multiple Groups, users inherit Privileges and Permissions from each Group of which they are members.

This article covers creating or maintaining a Group as well as assigning Privileges and Permissions.  

Since Release 5.3.0:

  • A basic set of Privileges is automatically assigned to the Default Group for all new customers.  In addition, these Privileges are granted to each new All Access Group.  Any one of these Privileges can be deleted during installation or at any time by an Admin.
  • Power Users may be granted an optional Privilege:  "Create Groups".   It allows a Power User to create new Groups or be given Edit Access to any Group.  Some functionality will not be available to the Power User when the user accesses the Group Editor but these will be noticeable because there are no "add" buttons.

"All Access" Group members inherit View Access to all available elements, Dimensions, Dimension Values, and elements in Categories. All additional specific Privileges, Datasets, Folders, Event Calendars, Targets and other objects must be assigned manually.

1. Add/Edit a Group:  Admin > Users & Groups > Groups tab > Groups list page

  1. To edit an existing Group, click on its Name (active link) to open the Group Editor
  2. [+ New Group] to add a new Group from the pop-up (see 1.1 below)

1.1. Add Group pop-up

Create a New Group

On the Add Group popup:

  1. Name is required and must be unique
  2. All Access Group?:  Change to "yes" if you want this group to have View Access to all available elements and Dimensions
  3. Optional settings;
    •  LDAP Org. Unit:   Complete if your organization uses Single Sign-on  This will identify your  LDAP connection
    • External Group ID:  Purely informational field

5. [Save] to access the Group Editor

6.    A  Group does not have to be granted any Privileges and/or Permissions at the time it is created; however, a warning message displayed when the Group Editor opens cautions the Admin. The initial ability of the Group's members to access content and perform system functions will be extremely constrained until the Group has been assigned at least minimum rights.  These actions will allow Group members to benefit from Metric Insights.


2. Select Privileges:  Group Editor > Info tab

Assign Group Privileges
  1. Click [+ Privilege to Group] to open the Add Privileges pop-up
  2. Use Filter to select a specific Privilege
  3. Use Grouping  to limit display
  4. Select All to choose all Privileges for the Group or
  5. Select individual Privileges using the checkboxes  


3. Add Group Members:  Group Editor > Members tab

Add Group Members

Users may be added:

  1. Manually or
  2. Using an input (CSV) file

3.1. Manually Add Users

Manually add users
  1. Use Search bar to narrow search
  2. Select the users via checkboxes
  3. [+ Add selected]

3.2. Add multiple Members via a CSV file

Add via a CSV file
  1. Indicate the Delimiter your input file uses
  2. Enter full File name
  3. If this is an existing group, you can select to simply Add additional users or to Override (recreate the Group)

4. Assign Access to various Metric Insights objects  

4.1. Dimensions:  Group Editor > Dimensions tab

  1. Add Dimension via drop-down in pop-up (all or selected via option 2)
  2. Add Specific Dimension Values for each Dimension added above

4.2. Elements:  Group Editor > Elements tab

  1. Adding by Category will add all of the elements contained in that Category
  2. Add elements individually

4.3. Datasets and User Maps:  Group Editor > Datasets tab

4.4. Add Object Access:  Group Editor > Other Access tab

Portal Pages and Shared Drive sections are new in Release 5.2 - 5.3

4.5. Power Users (accesses assigned here only apply to Power User members):  Group Editor > Power Users tab

This tab contains many sections that all follow a similar format and contain buttons to allow Use, View or Edit Access Permissions for specific objects.  As new types of objects  are added to Metric Insights, those with Permissions are included to this tab.  Object Permissions from this tab only apply to Power User Members of this Group.

4.5.1. Assign Sub-Groups (new in 6.2.3):  Group Editor > Power Users tab

Effective in Release 6.2.3, Sub-Groups may be added to what becomes a Primary Group.  

  1. A new section, "Groups Managed by Power Users in this Group" has been added.
  2. Click [+ Group to Manage] to select a Sub-Group to allow Power Users assigned to the Primary Group to login as Regular Users of the Sub-Groups to preview the contents of their Homepages.

See this article for more information.

In addition to the access (Permissions) assigned here, some may also require specific Privileges be granted, see Understanding Power Users (Release 5.3 and beyond)

5. Assign Permission to Edit Group (applies to Power Users access only):  Group Editor > Permissions button

 This function is ONLY available to Admins and Power Users with Edit Access

  1. Select User from the drop-down - only Power Users will be listed in this drop-down


The selected Power User must also have the Privilege "Create Groups" to be able to Edit this Group