Generating Legacy Reports When There Is No Data

Sometime the report that you want to generate contains no data. If you like, Metric Insights can generate an empty report in these circumstance. This article explains how.

For newer versions of Reporting (Dataset Reports) see Generating Dataset Reports When There Is No Data

1. Configure the Report's Advanced Settings

In the Report Editor / Advanced tap:

  1. Toggle If no data fetched for Report Instance to generate empty report” to ensure that Reports are generated even when there is no data.
  2. Enter the message that you would like to be displayed in Empty instance message   NOTE: A system-wide default message is set in EMPTY_REPORT_INSTANCE_MESSAGE variable in Config Variables screen

IMPORTANT:  If you set If no data fetched for report instance to skip generation' , then no report instance will be generated when there is no data.  If the report is a single-instance report (i.e., if Keep-History is set to "No"), then there will simply be no report.  If the report has Keep History set to "Yes", then the last non-empty instance of the report will be displayed.