Applying headers/footers to Email Templates

Metric Insights provides an ability to add various custom headers and footers to email templates. This article provides step-by- step instructions on the procedure of applying images for custom headers and footers to the email digest templates.

NOTE: Images for custom headers and footers can be uploaded only at the Branding page.

Headers and footers uploaded at the Branding page may be applied to email digest templates in several ways:

  • in the Email Digest Templates page at the Admin menu
  • via settings in the Favorites Editor

IMPORTANT: Settings defined in the Favorites Editor have a higher priority than other settings defined at Email Digest Templates

1. Email Digest Templates header/footer settings

Go to Admin > Email Templates

  1. Every kind of notification has its own default template, which is marked as locked. You are free to create your own templates and apply them to different type of email notifications.
  2. Select one of the templates

1.1. Default header and footer

Open the Settings tab.

  1. You can assign default Metric Insight header and footer to the selected template. To do that, click the Edit Setting (Gear) icon in the corresponding row
  2. The Edit Digest Template Setting pop-up opens
  3. Set the Default Value field to 'Y'

Save your settings.

NOTE: Click Preview to make sure your email is going to look the way you expect it to.

1.2. Custom header and footer

You can specify custom header and footer for any template.

NOTE: Images for custom headers and footers van be uploaded only vie the Branding page at Admin > Utilities > Branding.

To assign a custom footer image:

  1. Click the Edit Setting (Gear) icon in the FOOTER_IMAGE row
  2. The Edit Digest Template Setting pop-up opens
  3. Type in/paste the name of the header image file previously uploaded in the Branding page

Click Save to apply the image file.

NOTE: If you manually type in the name of a picture, double-check whether it is spelled correctly to avoid typos/mistakes, otherwise default email header and footer are going to be applied.

1.3. Once you have added header and footer images, click 'Preview' to see the changes made

NOTE: Make sure that the names of images for header and footer are displayed in the Default Values column and click Preview to find out how the email is going to look.

2. Favorites Editor email digest settings

Individual Users may override the Digest Template for any of their Favorite folders. In order to do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Notifications page
  2. In the Notifications grid find Favorite Digest row and click the Gear icon to edit settings
  3. Send folder as field should be set to 'individual emails' value to allow sending individual emails with customized settings for each selected folder
  4. Define general Email template for all digest emails

Save your changes.

NOTE: Your Administrator must have already added a new image in the Branding page and given you its name in order to follow these steps:

2.1. Select the Favorite folder that should be customized

  1. Open the Favorites tab
  2. Select the Favorite folder that should be customized and click the Gear icon to change its settings

2.2. Once saved, header and footer with their provided values will be added to the 'Digest Template Settings' grid

To choose the pictures that should serve as a footer and header, click the Gear icon in the respective row and select the required file from the drop-down list.