Using the Branding Feature (prior to V6.2.4)

The Branding feature serves to customize your Metric Insights instance by adding:

  • your own logo to the Homepage, slide shows, and certain emails
  • multiple custom headers and footers to your email templates

Access Admin > System > Branding

  1. Enter the name you would like to include as the 'digest or burst sent from' on your emails
  2. [Upload logo] to access the New Logo pop-up
  3. [Browse] and select a logo from the local machine
    • Next, adjust the logo size/position to fit in the cropping section and save changes

If your organization is using one instance with multiple domains, you can configure using different logos for them. See more details in Customizing Multiple Domains in One Instance

2. Providing Custom Email Headers and Footers

  1. Upload and preview custom headers/footers directly on this page by clicking the corresponding button
    • NOTE: Your header image should be 960px wide – if it's bigger or smaller it will be resized, maintaining your original proportions. There are no constraints on height. Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
    • To preview the header/footer with a new picture, click the row with uploaded picture in All Headers/All Footers list

3. Apply New Headers/Footers to Email Templates

To learn how to apply your uploaded custom headers/footers to certain email templates, refer to this article: Applying custom headers/footers to email templates