Setting Defaults for New Users

Templates allow you to set a number of User attributes automatically when creating new Users. Most of the templates will allow different defaults to be set based on User's Authority Level (currently defined for either Admin or Regular User).

NOTE: The values set in the templates will not change any existing Users - and any of these fields can be independently changed by accessing the associated screens from User Editor, either while creating users or after.

After the first login a user can set up his own defaults at My Preferences menu at the top right corner of the screen below his Username.

Access Admin > Advanced > New User Defaults

There are currently 3 sets of Templates for available for setting User-level defaults:

Each these will have separate screens for defining defaults for Admin and Regular Users.

User Preference Templates

User Preference Templates > User Defaults > Profile Information tab

  1. Define the standard maximum rows of the tables listing system entities (Elements, Bursts, Dimensions, Data Sources, etc.)
  2. Set preference for warning message generation
  3. This setting is applied to validating substitution parameters in SQL statements at Metric/Report Editor > Data Collection.

User Preference Templates > User Defaults > Home Page Display tab

You can setup the default Homepage display for new Regular Users or New Administrators.

  1. Tile color scheme: Choose a combination of colors that are going to define Performing, Underperforming and Outperformoing values. This powerful tool makes the Homepage easier to scan and grasp a bigger picture within seconds.
  2. Show preview Charts: If this option is set to 'no', upon single-clicking a tile user is sent directly to an element Viewer. If it is set to 'yes', single-clicking leads to a Preview page and double clicking leads to the Viewer.
  3. Define a a Layout, Folder, Topic, Filter or even Favorites Folder the Homepage should start in.
  4. You may define the Folder or Category the Mobile application should start in.
  5. Clear from tile after hovering: The time after which Alert, Annotation or Note icons should be hidden when hovering over them

Alert Subscriptions Template  > Administrator Defaults

  1. When a new User is created, he is usually assigned to some existing User Group providing him with certain Permissions and automatically subscribing him to Alerts this group is subscribed to. Define whether these alerts should be enabled.
  2. Send image with text message?: relates to SMS/MMS functionality.
  3. Define the primary and secondary methods of Alerts receiving.
  4. Configure alert persistence

Email Notifications Template > User Defaults