What deployment options are available?

Overview of the various deployment options for Metric Insights  

Overview of Deployment Option

The Metric Insights solution can be deployed in a variety of configurations that will best meet your organization's needs. We currently support the following options:

  • Download and run a virtual appliance on a computer of your choice. More information can be found at Deploy Metric Insights as a Virtual Appliance.
  • Spin up a Metric Insights Amazon EC2 instance on the cloud. For more information see Deploy Metric Insights on Amazon EC2.
  • Provision a virtual or real linux server of your own that meets the Metric Insights hardware requirements. Please contact us if you are interested in this deployment option.

Which method is right for your organization depends on your budget and infrastructure.  Here is a list of pros and cons for each method so you can choose which option is right for you.

Deployment option Comparison

Deployment MethodProsConsBest For
Virtual Appliance
  • Cheap
  • Quick & easy
  • Works on a variety of operating systems
  • Networking options can be difficult
Pilots / Companies with virtualization infrastructure such as VMWare vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V
Amazon EC2
  • No infrastructure support cost or waiting for IT to provision servers
  • Super simple and fast to spin up instances for tests and demos
  • EC2 can be expensive
  • Some organizations do not want data on the cloud
  • Usually requires Virtual Private Cloud to be setup or a Remote Data Collector to connect to data sources behind your firewall
Fast implementations
Custom Server
  • You have full control over your server and where it lives in your network topology
  • Infrastructure costs and wait time provisioning the required server
  • Custom installation will usually involve working closely with Metric Insights to run the sometimes complicated installation procedures
Companies with specific infrastructure and security needs