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Multiple Branded Experiences on the Same Instance (Prior to v6.3.2)

If your organization is using one instance with multiple domains, you can configure using different From Name lines and logos for each of them. This functionality is controlled by System Variables.

For Version 6.3.2 and beyond, please see Multiple Branded Experiences on the Same Instance (v6.3.2+)

Using Multiple From Names

Access Admin > System > System Variables > USE_MULTIPLE_SENT_FROM_NAMES

  1. Specify domains and desired Sent From lines in the following format:
    • {"":"from X sender"}
  2. [Save]
  3. [Commit Changes]  

When changes are committed, each of the hosts will display newly assigned Sent From lines in Burst Editors (used as an example) and Digest Editors.

Using Multiple Logos

1. Upload Additional Logos  

Access Admin > System > Branding > Email header and footer images

  1. Upload logos via [+Upload New Header]
    • NOTE: The image should be 960px wide – if it's bigger or smaller it will be resized, maintaining your original proportions. There are no constraints on height. Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
    • You will need the logo URLs to map them to the domains (see instructions below)

2. Map Domains to Logo URLs

Access Admin > System > System Variables > USE_MULTIPLE_LOGOS

  1. Specify mapping from domains to logo URLs (the actual image name that appears in the grid) in the following format:
    • {"":"x-logo.png"}
  2. [Save]
  3. [Commit Changes]

You may need to refresh the Homepage to view changes. As a result, each domain will be displaying its own Homepage logo based on settings.