Where are all those Log Files? (6.0+)

As of Release 6.0.0, Metric Insights becomes a dockerized application. All logs from Docker containers are stored in one directory /opt/mi/log

All logs are redirected to the rsyslog service that will store them in files. Alternatively, Splunk logging service can be used.

Log Files and their description

Types of Logs Description
mi.log, mi.debug, mi.error
General logs from the UI and generator (migration utility scripts)
Logs from the Data Processor service
Logs from the Data Processor Seed Node service
Logs from MySQL service
Logs from the Web Service 

Additional Logging options

Logging can be configured using System Variables that are available from the UI.

  1. To access, go to Admin > System > System Config
  2. Click the Edit (Gear) icon to see the Variable's description