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Configuring Custom Email Template Header/Footer Images for a Brand

Beginning in  v6.3.2, users can configure custom header/footer images for notifications to be used for branding. Theme colors associated with a Brand will be also applied to the emailed Tiles.

This article explains how to customize a Burst to include custom header/footer images, logos, and Themes by combining configurations from Brands and Email Templates.


This article assumes that you have already created a custom Brand and Burst.

Older Ways to Add images to Headers and Footers:

Access Admin > System > Branding > Brand Name Link

[+Upload New Header] / [+Upload New Header] to upload custom images from your computer.

You can upload as many images as needed. These images will then appear as options for custom headers/footers for Digest Templates. See the note below.

Images selected for header/footer in Brand Editor will not be automatically applied to Bursts. This functionality is controlled by FOOTER_IMAGE and HEADER_IMAGE Settings of Digest Templates used for Bursts.

If values for these Settings are empty, a Digest Template will use values from Email Template defaults, just like the default Digest Template Burst - Any Image Size. See the screen below.

The default Burst - Any Image Size template cannot be deleted or modified.

We recommend that you duplicate it to be able to control the settings, including those for footer and header.  

Access Admin > Distribution > Email Templates > duplicate default Digest Template > Settings

Assign new Values for FOOTER_IMAGE / HEADER_IMAGE.

You will be able to choose from all custom uploaded footer/header images without any dependencies on a Brand.

3. Specify Template for Burst

Access Content > Bursts > Burst Name Link > Customize

  1. Choose Email Template that you have configured at the previous step
  2. [Save]


  • These custom footer and header will be used FOR ALL Bursts that will be using this Template, regardless of the Brand and Groups that belong to it.
  • A Burst using this Template will use the Theme from the user's current Brand. Burst Theme = Theme from the user's current Brand (if "System", then "System" Brand Theme).
  • If HEADER_IMAGE Setting is left blank for a Template, a Burst will use a logo as a header from the user's current Brand.
  • The Email From Name will be gathered from the user's current Brand.