Set Custom Access Denial Message for all Category elements

New in Version 6.2.1 our Content Security capabilities have been expanded to allow customization of Access Denied messages for non-External Report content. This option requires no System Variables to be set and is used only for providing a Custom Message when Access is denied.  

This article will explain how to setup a Customized Access Message on the Category Editor.  This alternative message will be displayed if User attempts to view any of the elements in this Category that he does not have access to.

The system will default to standard error messaging if no customization has been set up, see Provide users with the ability to request access to inaccessible content

Exceptions:  Datasets and Legacy Reports are not supported for Custom messages

More options are provided for External Reports including allowing them to display on the Homepage:  Set Custom Access Request Messages for External Reports

Access Category Editor > Info tab

  1.  Toggle the 'Use Custom Access Denied Message' to 'ON'
  2. You can control the Message display using the standard formatting options
  3. You can insert the following Variables using the dropdown:
    1. [Element name] causes the system to  substitute the element name in the display
    2. [More Info] provides a link to show list of Support Admins that can assist you
  4. (Optional) Use the link option to enter the actual email address for Paul to allow User to email request from this screen.
  5. (Optional) Provide an Access Request email address to be informed of this Access Denial. This field will over-ride the Standard option to send email to your Support Admin(s) for Access.