Logging In as a Regular User

Metric Insights have the functionality that allows the Power User to log in as a specific Regular User of a Group. With the Privilege “Login as Regular User Group Members to review content” and Permission to manage the Group, Power Users can:

  1. Login as Regular User members of the Group to review the content of their Homepages
  2. Grant Permissions to the Groups they are permitted to manage, but not to individual Group members

This article describes how to allow Power Users of a Group to login as Regular Users.

1. Assign Power Users the Permission to Manage a Group

This Permission can be given by Administrators only.

Access Group Editor and open the Power Users tab

  1. [+ Group]
  2. Group: Select a Group from the dropdown menu
  3. [Save]

2. Assign Privilege to the Group's Power Users

Open the Info tab

  1. [+ Privilege To Group]
  2. Filter the list by "login"
  3. Select the "Login as Regular User Group Members to review content" Privilege
  4. [Save]

Now, Power Users of this Group will be able to log in as the Regular Users of the Group to which they received a managing Permission.