Custom Field Section Security

In Release 6.2.5, two new Power User (PU) Privileges are available.

  • Create Custom Field Sections
    • Allows PU's to add new Custom Field Sections, maintain settings/content and grant Edit Access via the Permissions button to Groups of which User is a member and with other PU's in those Groups
  • Allow Power Users to grant Custom Field Section Edit Access to any Power User or Group
    • Expands Power User's authority to allow granting Custom Field Section access to any Power User or Group

Access to a Custom Field Section is granted via its Editor using the Permissions button.

Power Users do not have Privileges to Create Custom Fields...only for Custom Field Sections

1. Assign Privileges to Groups or Power Users

Admin > Users & Groups > Users or Groups Tab > Active Name Link > User or Group Editor > Info tab

2. Display Custom Field Section List Page

  1. [+ Privilege to User or Group]
  2. (Optionally) Filter by "section"
  3. Select one or both Custom Field Section-related Privileges
    • If "Allow Power Users to grant Custom Field Section Edit Access to any Power User or Group" is selected first, "Create Custom Field Sections" is also selected automatically
    • "Create Custom Field Sections" may be selected independently of its Child Privilege


PU's Admin Menu > Custom Fields Section option (only available with the "Create Custom Field Sections" Privilege)

Administrator's Menu > Reference Objects > Custom Fields > Sections tab

Without the "Create Custom Field Sections" Privilege, a PU does not see the related Admin menu option.  The List Page contains:

  1. An Active Name link on those Custom Field Sections created by the PU opens the tag editor
  2. The PU can use the buttons to create a new Section or Delete one or more selected Sections that the user created or to which user has Edit Access