Document Security

In Release 6.2.5, the ability to designate a Document as as "Global Document" is provided and includes new:

  • Power User Privilege:  "Create Global Document"
  • "Visible To" setting that allows sharing with one of more Types of Users
  • Special menu on the upper toolbar that only contains Global Documents if any have been shared with the user
    • If only "Groups" is selected, an Admin must be a member of Groups to which a Global Document is visible

1. Document Privilege

(Admin):  Admin menu > Users & Groups >  List page > Users or Groups tab > User or Group Editor > Info tab  > Add Privilege to User or Group

(Power User):  Admin menu > Groups > List page > active Name link > Group Editor > Info tab > Add Privilege to Group

  1. Select the "Create Global Documents" Privilege


2. Share a Global Document

Content menu > Docs > List Page > Active Name link > Document Editor > Sharing tab

Only Documents set to be a Global Document may be shared; otherwise, the Sharing tab is not visible.  Only Power Users with the "Create Global Documents" Privilege may Share a Document.

  1. In the Share with specific User Types section, activate sliders to only those User Types with which the  Document is to be shared
  2. Use the [+Share with Groups] button to chose the Groups with which the Global Document is to be shared;
    • Sharing will be limited to only those User Types with  sliders activated in Step 1.

2.1. Document Access from Homepage