Administrator Capabilities

In Metric Insights, Users that belong to different User Types have a certain set of capabilities. The capabilities of a Regular and Power Users are defined by Privileges and Permissions assigned to them. This article describes capabilities and menu entries that are available to the Administrators only.

NOTE: There is a type of Administrator that has several unique rights. For more information refer to Designate an Administrator as a System Admin article.

Administrator Activities

  • Create new Users, maintain and delete User account
  • Define system default Templates for User Account Preferences, Alert Subscriptions and Email Notifications
  • Define Proxies
  • From the Landing Page of Status Monitor monitor Metric Insights performance on:
    • Data Collection
    • Messages
    • Systems Configuration
    • Systems Stats
  • Construct URLs to embed content in an External Report

Administrator Menu Entries

Privilege Sets Admin > Users&Groups
Remote Data Processors Admin > Collection&Storage
Data Storage Admin > Collection&Storage
Proxies Admin > Collection&Storage
Pipeline Admin > Collection&Storage
Shared Drives Admin > Distribution
Slack Integration Admin > Distribution
Microsoft SharePoint Admin > Distribution

Microsoft Teams

Admin > Distribution
Object Templates Admin > Reference Objects

Measurement Intervals

Admin > Reference Objects
Measurement Time Calcs Admin > Reference Objects
Document Types Admin > Reference Objects
Status Monitor Admin > Status Monitor
Plugin URLs Admin > Plugins
External Content Types Admin > Plugins

License Requests

Admin > Plugins
Advanced Configuration
Admin > Plugins
Import/Export Admin > Utilities
Export Locations Admin > Utilities
Import/Export History Admin > Utilities
Migrate Favorites to Folders Admin > Utilities
Rebuild User Access Admin > Utilities
System Variables (System Administrator only) Admin > System
System Backups (System Administrator only) Admin > System
Branding Admin > System
Vocabulary Admin > System
Custom Scripts Admin > System
Search Setup Admin > System
Certification Setup Admin > System
Privileges Admin > System
Stats Model Templates Admin > System
PowerPoint Templates Admin > System
Charting Options Admin > System
Bulk Change History Admin > System
Identify Profiles Admin > System
External Applications Admin > System
Web Service Credentials Admin > System
Ext Service Credentials Admin > System