Maintain Installation Privileges

Admin Users are responsible for determining those Privileges that can be granted within your Metric Insights installation. It also provides a means to define which of these allowed Privileges can be assigned by Power Users.


  • Support Admin's ability to Include/Exclude Privileges from an instance
  • Allow Admin to specify those Privileges that a Power User may/may not grant to Groups to which the Power User has Edit Access
  • Modify Group and User Editor display of Privileges to include a Grouping¬†filter

1. Access the Permissions Grid (Admin > Utilities > Privileges)

2. Privileges will be presented for editing

  1. The Table is presented sorted by Privilege name, but you can limit the display by selecting a specific Group
  2. Include:
    • 'Y' = Privilege is available for an Admin to assign
    • 'N' = Privilege is not available for assignment within the system by anyone
  3. Power User Can Assign:
    • 'Y' = Privilege is available for assignment by a Power User to other Users
    • 'N' = Privilege is not available for assignment by Power User (may be available to Admin users based on previous column value
  4. Admin Users can edit a Privilege by selecting the Edit icon on corresponding row

3. Edit the Privilege

  1. Set preferences for each Privilege
  2. The option of "PU Can Assign" is hidden if the Privilege is set to Include ="no"