Business Unit Security

In Release 6.3.3, a new object editor and Privilege allow both Admins and authorized Power Users (PUs) to create and maintain a Business Unit.  The new Privilege details are:

NAME: Create a Business Unit

DESCRIPTION: Create and maintain a Business Unit for association with one or more Groups

HIERARCHY:  Stand-alone

GROUPING: Power Users Content Security


USER TYPE: Power User Only  


Without this Privilege, a PU may not create a Business Unit but can select a Business Unit from one or more available Business Units when creating or maintaining a Group.  One and only one Business Unit may be associated with a Group.  A Business Unit maybe assigned to any number of Groups.

With the Privilege:

  1. Allow this Privilege to be assigned to Groups or individual PUs and/or be included in a Privilege Set
  2. Provide a Business Unit entry in the PU's Admin menu and, when clicked, open the Business Unit List Page
  3. Allow the PU to create a new Business Unit with a unique name
  4. Make this Business Unit available to any other PUs or Admins when creating/updating Groups

There are no Permissions associated with a Business Unit. A Regular User has no ability to create or use Business Unit.  The Privilege is assigned to a Group or Power User directly or indirectly via a Privilege Set.  Groups may be assigned to a Business Unit via its Editor.

1. Select the Privilege

From the Group, User or Privilege Set Editor:

  1. Click  [+ Privilege to ....] button
  2. Optionally, filter by "business"
  3. Optionally, choose "Power User Content Security"
  4. Select the "Create a Business Unit" Privilege
  5. [Save]