[Group Access] Grant (View / Edit) Access to a Dimension

Dimensions and their Dimension Values are an integral part of the Security Model. For dimensioned elements, the User must have access to BOTH the Element and at least one Dimension Value. Users ONLY see the element's tile(s) or Chart(s) for those specific Dimension Value(s) to which they have been granted access and then only if data has been collected for a Dimension Value.

By using the Group Editor to grant Dimension access, you provide all Group members with the same permissions to a Dimension and its Dimension Values (either all or selected).  Note that while it is possible to grant Dimension and Dimension Value access directly to a specific user, assigning permissions through a Group typically provides a more manageable framework for security administration. Users who are members of multiple groups receive the aggregate permission set from all of the assigned groups.

You can grant a Group view or edit access to a Dimension from 2 places in the system:

  • Dimension Editor
  • Group Editor

NOTE: Both options are described in this article.

1. Access Group OR Dimension Editor

Group Editor
  1. Access Admin > Groups > choose a required Group from the list > open a Group Editor > Dimensions tab
  2. Click [+Dimension access to Group]. The pop-up opens.
  3. In the Dimension table choose those Dimensions you want Group members to access.

Next: define the scope of access (all or specific Dimension Values), see Step 2.

Dimension Editor
  1. Access Admin > Dimension > choose Dimension from the list > open Dimension Editor > Advanced tab
  2. Click Permissions. The pop-up opens.
  3. In the Grooup Access section click [+ New Group access to Dimension]. The pop-up opens.
  4. User Group: From the drop-down list choose a Group that should be given access the the Dimension

Next: define the scope of access (all or specific Dimension Values), see Step 2.

2. Grant Group Members View OR Edit Access to the Dimension

View Access

Regardless of the Editor you started with, the logic of the following actions is going to be identical.

  1. Can members edit Dimension properties: by setting this field to 'no', you give Group memebers View Access only.
  2. If only View access is given, a Scope of access can be limited and Group Users can either see:
    • 'All Dimension Values': to grant the Group members access to any/all Dimension Values
    • or 'Specific Dimension Values': to select only those which the Group members 'need to know'

Both options are descibed below.

To all Dimension Values
  1. The Group has been granted access to a Dimension with unlimited access to its Dimension Values.
  2. Not Applicable, since Group members already have access to all Dimension Values.
To specific Dimension Values
  1. Notice that the Dimension appears in the grid, highlighted in yellow, since 'Specific Dimension Values' is its scope of access and those Dimension Values have not been specified yet.
  2. Click [+ Dimension Values access to Group]. The Give Dimension Value Access to Group pop-up opens.
  3. Check those Dimension Values to which access should be given.
  4. Save your selection.
Edit Access (applicable for Power User members of this Group only)

NOTE: If edit acces is given to a Dimension, it is given to all Dimension Values by default.

  1.  Define whether Power Users who are the members of this Group should have an ability to edit this Dimension. If you set this field to 'yes', here are th things to consider:
    • Power Users who are members of this Group will be able to edit this Dimension and all its Values.
    • Power User members will only be able to grant access to this Dimension to Group(s) of which he/she is a member or to other Power/Regular Users who belong to the same Group(s) as this Power User UNLESS the individual member Power User has directly given the Privilege to grant Dimension access to any Group or Regular/Power User.  To grant this Privilege, go to Power User Editor > Privileges section > [+Privilege to User]. See the picture below.

Next: To allow Power Users edit Dimension Properties, make sure they have respective Permissions and Privileges. The necesseity to add certain Permissions and Privileges depends on Dimension's Value Source.

If the Value Source is SQL / Plugin

If the Data Source of a Dataset is a SQL Database or Plugin connection Profile, you should add a Permission to use this Data Source in its Editor.

  1. Access Dimension Editor > Info tab
  2. In the Value Source field click the Gear icon. You are going to be redirected to the Data Source Editor
  3. At the upper right corner of the Data Source Editor click Permissions. The pop-up opens.
  4. Click [+New Group to Data Source]. In the opened pop-up choose a Group from the drop-down list.
If the Value Source is a CSV file

If the Data Source is CSV file, you should add a Privilage to use this kind of Data Source to a Group.

  1. Access a Group Editor:  Admin > Groups > choose a required Group from the list > open a Group Editor > Info tab
  2. In the Assigned Privilege section click [+Privilege to a Group]
  3. Choose Create content using CSV Files Privilege

Special Handling for "All Access" Groups

Click to open

As noted in the Hint Text when All Access Group is set to "Yes", the Group has already has access to all Dimensions and Dimension Values.  This access is VIEW access, not EDIT ACCESS.  Note, however, that permission to use Data Sources is not automatically granted to All Access Group.