Accessing Admin Editors and Functions

Users with administrative privileges have several ways of accessing the system managing functionality.

1. The 'New' drop-down menu

The 'New' drop-down menu

A drop-down menu designed to quickly create system entities by Administrators and Power Users.  It is designed to quickly create:

  1. Elements: Datasets, Metrics, & Reports
  2. External Reports: based on the report types previously created at Admin > Advanced > External Report Types)
  3. Notifications: Alert Rules, Bursts, & Folders
  4. External Content & FTP connections: Google docs, etc.

2. The 'Content' drop-down menu

 The 'Content' drop-down menu

The Content menu gives quick access to all major entities previously created in the system:

3. The  'Admin' menu drop-down

The  'Admin' menu drop-down

This Admin menu provides access to the frequently used system functionality. Each item in Admin menu is generally connected to  a list of values already defined for the selected function and optionally a link to [Add New].