Create a new External Report Type

Each External Report Type is based on the plug-in connection used as its data source.

When any new External Report is created, the Report type is assigned to it. Report type determines generic settings of the External Report (source of images, download ability, drill down authentication, etc.). A separate Report Type should be created per each plugin you plan to use as a data source for External Reports.

The list of plugins supported by Metric Insights can be found here.

Access Admin > Plugins > External Report Types

Click [+ New Report Type] to open Editor

2.  Provide information essential for creating a new external report type

2.  Provide information essential for creating a new external report type
  1. Provide a meaningful Name of the External Report Type. We recommend including the name of the plugin to be used as a data source into the name.
  2. Report URL field label: Provide the name for the field specifying the report source. This field is going to be used at the External Report Editor.
  3. Drill-Through link: Provide the label for the URL to the report source. This link is shown below the External Report Viewer as shown in the picture above.
  4. Image Source Plugin: Define which of the source plugins supported by Metric Insights should be used to fetch images for reports of this type.
  5. Generic Icon: Placeholder image. If for some reason no image has been generated for the External Report of this type, the placeholder image, selected in this field is going to be shown.
  6. Drill Down Authentication: Specify whether drill-down authentication should be enabled for the plugin. If the user is authenticated on the server of the corresponding plugin, he should not provide his credentials to preview the report in MI Viewer. NOTE: This option is currently supported for Tableau and 1010 data plug-ins only. To request it for other plug-ins, contact Metric Insights support team at
  1. Auto generate URL: This field is available for specific plugins. If this option is active, a link to the source of the External Report in the External Report Editor is going to be automatically generated based on the selections in the fields above (as shown in the picture). If this setting is set to 'no', a full URL should be provided manually. NOTE: Hint box next to this field is going changed based on the respective selection.
  2. Can be auto-created from Drill-Down: This setting is used to allow or prohibit auto-creating external reports from drill-down. NOTE: These reports should be created as Enabled and NOT visible in homepage. For more details refer to: Creating a new External Report for Drill-down on the fly
  3. Viewer URL append / External URL append: If a user drills through to the external application, additional parameters can be added to the URL.
  1. [6.1.1] Allow Notification Subscriptions:  Defaults to ''yes", if set to "no", the icon for Notifications will not be displayed on Report Viewer (envelope icon).
  2. Provide Download Link: Define whether you want to enable an ability to download an external report from the Viewer
  3. Enable click-through: This setting relates to Display on mobile browsers and is shown only if 'yes' is selected there. If click-through is enabled, and a user clicks a tile of the external report, he is redirected to external application, the same way as with the regular version. If this setting is disabled, a user won't be taken to the external application.
  4. Remove preview link: If the preview link is removed, external reports of this type are not set up for viewing on the server. They should be downloaded and viewed on the desktop only. If this option is set to 'no', such a report may serve as a link to an external application.
  5. Pre-verify User Access through API: Setting this field to 'yes' will allow Metric Insights to verify authorization to plugin element before trying to display the element. Note: this option is currently only available for Tableau and requires that the plugin be configured correctly Verify if Report Type has been setup to allow verification of Access 
  6. Tile icon: Click Upload Image and choose the picture with the logo of the service you create a Report Type for. If you need to update the existing picture, there is no need to delete a previous one, simply re-upload it with the same procedure.