Add a New JDBC Driver (prior to v6.1)

The JDBC Driver drop-down in the Add/Edit a SQL Data Source Editor includes the list of JDBC drivers that have been installed on the Metric Insights server.

You may add JDBC drivers to this list by following the steps in this article.


  • You must have the driver JAR file stored locally on your computer
  • For the last step you will need to request Metric Insights to Register this driver.

1. Obtain the JAR file

  1. Identify the proper JDBC driver JAR file for the driver to be added
  2. Download to your local machine

2. Access Data Sources from the Admin menu

Access Data Sources from the Admin menu

At the bottom of the list click [+ New Data Source]

Optionally, you can Edit an existing SQL Data Source on its editor by clicking its Name link and add your new JDBC driver from there; if this is your approach, skip to Step 4.

3. Add a new Driver

Add a new Driver

From the bottom of the list select Add New Driver Jar File

4. Select the new driver

Select the new driver
  1. Use the Browse button to find and Open the driver ( .jar file ) that you downloaded and saved to your local hard drive
  2. Once the Jar file is in the text box, click SAVE

5. Register Driver in Metric Insights

Contact Metric Insights and Metric Insights will register this Driver in the system. What Metric Insights will do is add info to the system (mysql jdbc_driver table) that includes your jdbc driver information. E.g., jdbc string template to use (e.g., jdbc:postgresql://<host>:<port>/<db>) , sample SQL statement to test connectivity and jdbc class name to invoke in the driver (e.g., org.postgresql.Driver).

NOTE: Once complete you will then be ready to create a Data Source using this new JDBC driver