Timeout and Delay Plugin Parameters

The Timeout and Delay parameters can take values in milliseconds(ms), seconds(s), minutes(m), and hours(h). Example: 10m, 300s, 2h.

The parameters for the following Plugins can be configured via their Plugin Connection Profiles:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • MicroStrategy
  • Superset

To configure the parameters for the rest of the Plugin from the list below, go to Admin > Plugins > Advanced Configuration. For more details, refer to Configure Plugin Parameter Values via Plugin Config Page.

Plugin Parameter and Description
Google BigQuery
  • query_timeout – a timeout for data query execution 
  • connection_timeout – a timeout to establish a connection 
Microsoft Power BI Cloud
  • screenshotTimeout – a timeout for the selenium job 
  • contentLoadingTimeout, delayBeforeScreenshot – timeouts for content loading by selectors
Microsoft Power BI Server
  • Content loading timeout – a timeout for content loading

  • Delay before screenshot – a timeout for page loading

  • Delay in External Report Viewer – a delay between generating a URL on the MicroStrategy side and opening it in Viewer
  • socket_timeout – a timeout for the WebSocket request execution 
  • timeout – a timeout for the job execution 
  • render_timeout – a timeout for generating images, pdf, or rendering data
  • Screenshot Attempts Delay – a delay between screenshot attempts 
Tibco Spotfire
  • timeout – a timeout for a response from the C# extensionPlugin workflow