Establish Connectivity to ThoughtSpot

This article describes how to connect to ThoughtSpot in order to load data into Datasets and Reports in Metric Insights.

1. Access Admin > Data Sources

At the bottom of the screen click [+ New Data Source].

The Select the Type of New Data Source pop-up opens.

2. Select the Type of the New Data Source

  1. Select "Other" and choose "ThoughtSpot" from the drop-down list
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3. Required ThoughtSpot Parameters

  1. Data Source Name: set a name for the data source
  2. Server: define the server protocol (http or https) and a hostname
  3. Username/Password: must be in the same format that your ThoughtSpot server uses for authentication 
    • NOTE: Username and Password are required by the ThoughtSpot API. 

4. Advanced Configuration

  1. Use Remote Data Collector: is set to "no" by default
    • If required, switch to "yes" and add a Remote Data Collector by clicking [+New Remote Collector] 
  2. Generate Object List: If automatically is chosen, provide a trigger from the dropdown below
  3. Test Connection in upper right (this will also Save your data)

5. Other settings

  1. You can create Datasets directly from the respective tab
  2. Click Permissions to assign permissions to Groups or Power Users