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Obtaining Credentials for Zendesk Plugin (prior to v6.2.3)

To be able to collect data, your Zendesk plugin will require the following credentials:

  1. Zendesk Domain
  2. Security Token

NOTE: While Domain name is accessible to All Zendesk Users, you must be an Admin to obtain the Token

Login to your Zendesk Account as Admin

  1. Domain: your Zendesk domain identifier can be obtained from the account's URL: https://[yoursubdomain]
  2. API Token: API Tokens are used as part of authentication; you can use the Token that has already been generated for your account or create a new one
    • Access the Token configuration page via Admin (gear) icon > Channels > API > Settings tab
    • For more information, go to Generating a new Token

Both User Domain and the API Token are necessary to configure the Required Parameters for the Zendesk Plugin.

What's next?

After getting User authentication credentials, you can proceed to creating a connection profile with Zendesk via the Metric Insights UI.