Create Dataset from SAP HANA

This article explains how to create a Dataset and Report from SAP HANA.


Established connectivity to SAP HANA

1. Create a New Dataset

Access New > Dataset > Create New

  1. Measured: Select the measurement interval that applies to the level of aggregation that you want in your result set
  2. Name: Give the Dataset a descriptive name
  3. Category:  Select the category where the Dataset will be placed

2. Complete the Data Tab

  1. Data Source: Select the SAP HANA Data Source
  2. Data collection trigger: Specify the Trigger that will be used to collect data for the Dataset
  3. SQL statement: Input an SQL statement to fetch data from SAP HANA
  4. [Validate]
  5. [Enable & View] to proceed to Dataset Viewer

3. Create a Report

  1. Access Actions > Build Report 
  2. Create a Report after redirection to the Report Editor