Create External Report from Zendesk Explore

This article details how to create External Report from Zendesk Explore.


Established connectivity to Zendesk Explore

1. Create New External Report

Access New > External Report > Zendesk Explore

  1. Enter a descriptive phrase in Name
  2. Specify Category where External Report is to be placed
  3. Define whether content has to be updated manually or automatically
    • For "Automatically Collected", specify Report Image Trigger 
  4. Select Zendesk Explore Plugin Connection Profile 
  5. Choose Tab (object) for External Report
  6. [Next: Define Details]

2. Specify Report Details

  1. Show Report in defaults to "External Webpage".
    • You can choose Show report in Viewer "as static image", but it is recommended to use the default option.
    • NOTE: Zendesk Explore Plugin does not currently support Show Report in Viewer "in iframe"option.
  2. Optionally, [Edit URL] to modify the URL by appending a question mark (?) followed by any filter or parameter settings
  3. Optionally, [Test External Report] to test how your Report will be displayed on External Webpage or in Viewer, depending on the display option selected in the previous step
  4. Select Report Image option:
    • "Always collect all instances of external report": collect all images and cache them on a schedule
    • "On Demand: only when needed for distribution":  individual images are only collected when they need to be included in an email

3. Collect Image and Publish

  1. [Collect Image]
    • For more details on Setup Image, refer to this article.
  2. [Enable & Publish] to proceed to Viewer