MicroStrategy Plugin Capabilities

This article provides more details about the key capabilities of MicroStrategy Plugin.

Get Objects

MicroStrategy Plugin supports pulling the following object types:

  • Document;
  • Dossier;
  • Report;
  • Graph;
  • Report Grid and Graph;
  • Shortcut.

The scope of the collected objects can be controlled by the Object types Optional Parameter.

Get Data

By getting data in Metric Insights we mean the ability to create Datasets. MicroStrategy Plugin supports creating Datasets from the following objects:

  • Report;
  • Graph;
  • Report Grid and Graph.

Get Filters

The Plugin supports pulling Filters from all types of MicroStrategy objects (except for Shortcuts) with the following types of Prompts:

  • Expression;
  • Elements;
  • Constant (Values);
  • Objects.

Users can apply Filters to External Reports and customize their display depending on input. 

  • Filters and Filter Values can be retrieved automatically;
  • Filters and Values can be added individually.

Get Report Image

The following types of object support getting both image and PDF:

  • Document;
  • Dossier;
  • Report;
  • Graph;
  • Report Grid and Graph.

Embed in iFrame

MicroStrategy External Report can be embedded into the application (Show "In iFrame") or other HTML pages by using embed codes.

Support OAuth 2.0

MicroStrategy Plugin does not support OAuth 2.0.

Support Content Autosync

MicroStrategy content can be synchronized with Metric Insights to automatically create new External Reports from MicroStrategy objects and simplify the process of updating existing External Reports.

Capture Metadata

With the content auto sync enabled, the system can pull the following metadata:

  • Owner;
  • Description.