Establish Connectivity to Microsoft SSRS

This article details how to connect to Microsoft SSRS to build Elements in Metric Insights.


  • Specific user roles must be enabled on both SSRS UI and server side. See instructions below.
Enable Roles


Access <SSRShostname>/Reports/browse > Manage Folder

The service account requires the "Browser" role

SQL Server Management Studio

From Object Explorer, access the Server instance name > Security > Logins

  1. Create a new user
  2. Input a name for the user
  1. Under Server Roles, enable "public"
  2. Under User Mapping, enable "db_datareader" for the required database

1. Add New Data Source

Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources

  1. [+New Data Source]
  2. Choose "Microsoft SSRS" from the Other drop-down list
  3. [Next Step]

2. Provide the Required Microsoft SSRS Parameters

  1. Set a descriptive Data Source Name
  2. Provide Report Server URL for accessing the SSRS reports
  3. Specify the host name of the SSRS Server
  4. Enter Username and Plugin Password

Optionally, toggle on Enable On-Demand Element Creation 

3. Specify Optional Microsoft SSRS Paremeters

Parameter Description
1 Domain

Enter a domain if SSRS login requires it

2 Include Reports history snapshots
Set to "true" to include History Snapshots (versions) of SSRS Reports on Dataset Object List
3 Include Policies as dataset
Set to "true" to include itemType, report, userGroupName, and roles to a separate #Metadata folder on Dataset Object List
4 Include Policies in report metadata

Set to "true" to include itemType, report, userGroupName, and roles in external_report_reference

5 Include Sub Reports
Set to "true" to return Tablixes of Reports as separate objects to Metric Insights
6 Starting Folder(s)

Specify if you want to use specific SSRS folders only

4. Advanced Configuration

Advanced Configuration settings can be set to default values unless Data Source requires more precise tuning. For more details on how to proceed, refer to Advanced Data Source Configuration.

Click [Test Connection] in the upper right corner