Create External Content from Local Filesystem

This article describes how to create External Content sourced from Local Filesystem PDF and Excel files.


Establish Connectivity to Local Filesystem

1. Create New External Content

Access New > External Content

  1. Enter a Name for your External Content
  2. Choose "Local File" as External Content Type
  3. Choose a Category where the External Content will be placed
  4. Set URL Source to "Generate Automatically"
  5. Choose a Plugin Connection Profile

Note: In order to fetch files from a Windows folder, you will need to mount that folder to both web and dataprocessor containers. Contact your system administrator for details.

  1. Report: choose a file that will serve as a source for External Content
  2. External Content URL is generated automatically
  3. Show in: specify whether to show the External Content in Viewer on in External Webpage
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2. View the External Content

  1. By default, an image based on the file type is displayed. Optionally, you can upload a custom Reference Image that is used as tile thumbnail and is displayed in Viewer if the External Content is configured to be shown in Viewer.
  2. [View]
  3. If an Excel file is selected, the downloading process will start once the Viewer or External Webpage is opened, and if a PDF file is selected, it is displayed in Viewer or in External Webpage.