File Metadata Plugin Capabilities

This article provides more details about the key capabilities of File Metadata Plugin.

Get Objects

File Metadata Plugin fills the File Metadata Objects list with all the files or folders pulled from the Data Source.

The type of data (all files or folders only) is defined by the Loading strategy Optional Parameter. If you define its Value as "dir", only folders will be gathered to the File Metadata Objects list.

Get Data

By getting data in Metric Insights we mean the ability to create Datasets. File Metadata Plugin supports creating Datasets from folders, pulled from Data Source.

Get Filters

File Metadata Plugin does not support pulling Filters.

Get Report Image

File Metadata Plugin does not render an image preview.

Embed in iFrame

File Metadata Plugin

Support OAuth 2.0

File Metadata Plugin does not support OAuth 2.0.

Support Content Autosync

File Metadata Plugin does not support embedding into the application or other HTML pages by using embed codes.

Capture Metadata

File Metadata Plugins pulls the following metadata:

  • name
  • location
  • type
  • created_by
  • created
  • last_modified
  • last_accessed
  • size
  • readOnly
  • isHidden