How to collect data using RSS plugin

This article will show you how to create a Metric or  Report using a RSS as a data source. It assumes that you have already established connectivity to RSS

1. Access New > Report

Access New > Report
  1. Name the Report: Define a unique descriptive name of your element
  2. Reported: choose the measurement interval from the drop-down list
  3. Category: define a category this element belongs to
  4. To move on to defining data collection details, click Next: Define Report

2. Full Editor displays the Data Collection tab

Full Editor displays the Data Collection tab
  1. Data Source: select the account you have created for IBM Cognos
  2. Data Collection Schedule: Specify the trigger that will be used to collect the data for your report
  3. Plug-in Command: Enter a plugin command directly or utilize the visual editor to construct a query
  4. Once you are ready with you command, click Show Data

2.1. Using the RSS Query Builder.

Using the RSS Query Builder.

Select desired fields, and any filters and grouping parameters


2.2. Query Syntax Examples

  • Return ALL fields:
  • Select the number of articles that contain a string of text (“value”:”your search term(s) here”) along with the publication date (pubDate):

The values are not case sensitive, e.g., “Amazon” and “amazon” will return the same result. The "contains","value":" statement will work on multiple terms as an exact phrase match. For the title, “Amazon increases customers worldwide” you can include

{"column":"title","condition":"contains","value":"Amazon increases"} but inexact phrases will not work like:
{"column":"title","condition":"contains","value":"Amazon customers"}. To do this you need to create separate conditions:
"group":["pubDate GRANULARITY DAY"]

3. Plugin command will be validated and Data Collected

Plugin command will be validated and Data Collected
  1. If the command is validated successfully, the Sample Results set and Report columns are going to br shown below.
  2. At the upper right corner of the screen click Update live Report