Create External Report Template

External Report Templates set defaults values to be used when creating External Reports via Autosync.

For more information see Content Auto Synchronization

Prerequisites: an External Report that will define the fields defaulted when using the Autosync funtion to create/update External Reports.  

1. Create a new Template

Edit the External Report that you want to use for the Template defaults

To create new External Report Template, go to [Content] > [Elements] and select External Report, settings you want to be used as a template for new External Reports:

  1. Select [template] icon  
  2. Check [Create]
  3. Click [OK] to open the Template Editor
  4. Only the Template name and Description are editable
  5. All of other Template Defaults are copied from chosen External Report

1.1. Fields defaulted from External Report by tab

2. Updating an External Report Template

List of existing External Report Templates is available on [Admin] > [Reference Objects] > [Object Templates] > [External Report Templates].

The only fields available for change are:

  • Template  Enabled (or Disabled)
  • Template name

3. Create new External Report from Template editor

Template Editor - Google Chrome

Selecting [New External Report] will transfer you to the External Report Editor with the template defaults applied. All fields are open to change.

External Report Editor - Google Chrome