Create Metric from Microsoft SSRS

This article details how to create Metric using Microsoft SSRS as a Data Source.


Established connectivity to MS SSRS

1. Create New Metric

Access New > Metric > Create New

  1. Select Measured (measurement Interval) that applies to the Element
  2. Enter a descriptive phrase in Name
  3. Assign a Category
  4. [Next: define details]

2. Define Details

  1. Select Microsoft SSRS connection profile serving as Data Source 
  2. Set the Data Collection Trigger which is going to initiate updating information in a Metric
  3. Choose Microsoft SSRS Report that should serve as a basis for Metric
  4. To pre-filter SSRS data before fetching it, click Manage Filters
  5. Construct Plugin command that should list the data you would like to include into the Metric (manually of via the Visual Editor)
    • Note that Metrics represent time series data, so one of the columns must contain dates.
  6. [Validate]
  7. [Publish] to view Metric in Viewer