Create Dataset from Azure Analysis Services

This article provides basic instructions on how to create a Dataset from Azure Analysis Services.


Established connectivity to Azure Analysis Services

1. Add New Dataset

Access New > Datasets > Create New

Enter the basics:

  1. Select the measurement interval that applies to the level of aggregation that you want in your result set
  2. Define if Dataset should be searchable
  3. Input a descriptive phrase in Name
  4. Specify Category to place the Dataset 

Proceed to Data tab to define details

2. Define Settings for Data Collection

  1. Select the Azure Analysis Services Data Source
  2. Specify Data collection trigger that will be used to collect data for Dataset
  3. Input a Plugin command in MDX/DAX listing all the data you would like to fetch from Azure Analysis Services
  4. [Validate]
  5. [Enable & View] to proceed to Dataset Viewer