Create External Report from MI Portal Page

This article details how to create External Report from MI Portal Pages.

Established connectivity to MI Portal Page Plugin

1. Create New External Report

Access New > External Report > MI Portal Page

  1. Enter a descriptive phrase in Name
  2. Specify Category where External Report will be placed
  3. Define whether content has to be updated manually or automatically
    • For "Automatically Collected", specify Report Image Trigger 
  4. Choose MI Portal Page Plugin Connection Profile 
  5. Select MI Portal Pages Component (Object) for External Report
  6. [Next: Define Details]

2. Specify Report Details

  1. Show Report in defaults to "External Webpage".
    • Note that "External Webpage" option opens the Portal Page that is selected as an object for report creation.
    • For "Viewer", select "In iframe" or "As static image" option

3. Specify Image Collection Options

MI Portal Page Plugin collects images by taking screenshots of them in the Chromium browser.

  1. Set Generic Image to "Collect with personal account"
  2. [Collect Image]

[Enable & Publish] in the upper right corner to view External Report in viewer

For image collection, you can decide when the system should take a screenshot of Portal Page or how much time a Portal Page can take to load before the system takes a screenshot of that Page. This functionality is configured individually for each Portal Page in Portal Page Editor > Image Capture tab (see the screen below).